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The 61st Down Under Feminists' Carnival

Welcome to the June 5, 2013 edition of down under feminists' carnival! There are lots of yummy links ready for your perusal.


Kate Marsh writes about the high costs and (in)accessibility of abortion in Australia - particularly in Queensland - in A matter for women and their doctors? If only at The Drum.

Family/Women's Work

Elizabeth writes about Mothers’ Day mourning at Spilt Milk.

QoT writes about recent parliamentary events in Parenting and politics just don’t mix! at Ideologically Impure.

Sarah hates the "supermum" meme because you shouldn't need to be superhuman to be a mum in When bad things happen to Mother's Day at The Sarah Monologues.

The north island is finally getting a unit to help mothers who face post-natal depression or distress.! AlisonM writes about it at Mother and Baby Support: A Long Time Coming at The Hand Mirror.


Eutraphalia writes about casual racism at The Shake in Where are you from? On casual racism.

The Koori Woman at thekooriwoman is not going to "get over" colonialism in “Get Over It” On Colonialism.

General Feminism/Social Justice

Orlando writes about something horrifying: women being prosecuted for retracting domestic violence allegations in NSW at Hoyden About Town.

blue milk talks about double standards in who gets labelled "brainless" for their hobbies in Radical jam making.

Blue Milk has some opinions on various topics in Opinions I hold that almost no-one agrees with.

[cn: fat hatred, bullying] Sleepydumpling is defying the bullies and their derailing tactics in WHY I TAKE NO SHIT FROM ANYONE IN MY ONLINE SPACES at Fat Heffalump.


stargazer writes about the hillcrest park guardians group, and the recent council hearing she attended.

stargazer is unimpressed by the Waikato District Health Board's proposal for reducing the waiting times at the hospital's emergency department in this is unhealthy.

Victoria Rollison writes An Open Letter to Bernie Brookes, Myer CEO, with regards to his predictable opinion on social welfare.

missaleksia at I Totally Have A Blog writes about Tony Abbott's "women of calibre" remark and paid maternity leave in Paid maternity leave? It’s not about the money.


anthea at The Hand Mirror questions the language used by the media around payments for family member carers of disabled people in Adult disabled children.


LudditeJourno at The Hand Mirror asks us not to shut the door on nuanced understandings of desire and love in When did you choose? Every day, thanks.

Chally is Tossing the script of desire at Zero at the Bone. Then she writes beautifully about her personal experience in Something rich and strange.

[cn: suicide, heterosexism] LudditeJourno at The Hand Mirror writes about the NZ government's new plan to address suicide, and its lack of mention of the GLBT community in Killing us softly, so softly.


Cate at Accidentally in Code writes about being OK in The Aftermath.


[cn: violence, rape culture] Deborah analyses recent media about the coverage of a rape in Hamilton at A Bee of a Certain Age in Today in rape culture.

Scuba Nurse at The Hand Mirror is disappointed by the latest Star Trek movie in Equality: The final frontier?

Jo at A Life Unexamined is heartened by the writers of The Big Bang Theory taking a turn towards Taking Sheldon and Amy Seriously.

[spoilers!] Racebending on Star Trek Into Darkness by TigTog at Hoyden About Town.

Kim at the news with nipples ponders on reporting practices and The ethics of re-writing someone’s personal story.

Gaayathri at A Human Story deconstructs a post by The Lesbian Mafia found on Storify in The Lesbian Mafia Has a Big Transphobia Problem.

The Body

[cn: eating disorders, sizeism] Sleepydumpling writes about Fat Stigma, Healthism and Eating Disorders at Fat Heffalump

[cn: fat hatred] A speech that Kath from Fat Heffalump gave at UQ Women’s Collective Diversity Week event “Embracing our Bodies”: Wait...

[cn: reproductive coercion] Chrys Stevenson writes about her feelings about whether she would have an abortion, working with Catholics for Choice and the World Congress of Families Sydney in A Smidgen of Sophists – World Congress of Families, Sydney 2013 at Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear.

Kate Galloway considers the assisted reproduction industry and the source of human ova in Human Embryo Research: Who Donates the Eggs? at Curl.

Chrys Stevenson says Let's talk about bums and the health thereof at Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear.

[cn: alcohol, suicide] Cha at Shallow Depths writes about Bientôt l'été - a virtual reality simulator - in Summer's gone.

[cn: bullying] Bri at My Scarlett Heart writes a touching poem about a yellow bikini: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny


[cn: rape] Ana Australiana at terra firma is disappointed by Solidarity's response Holding On.

[cn: rape, rape culture] Jem at Just OK White Shark writes a letter: Dear supporters of my best friend’s rapist…


A look at the January 1978 edition of Broadsheet Magazine, published just after the 1977 Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act was passed, from ALRANZ.

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